Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best in the World

The most recent book I've read is The Dip by Seth Godin - first off its about 80 pages which is great because I just knocked it off in one sitdown. Secondly, it brings great attention to quitting and knowing when not to quit. "The Dip", as Godin explains, is that long, drawn-out period of time where people either quit and give up or they go on and reape the rewards of their sacrifices - this is true in business, sports, relationships, working out, whatever. Think about it - when you first start an endevour, you're excited, your enthusiasm is high, the learning process is lightning fast and everything is great! However, as anyone who has ever done anything worth while in their lives, it takes thousands upon thousands of hours and years upon years to ever get anywhere - hence, "the dip". The key, says Godin, is to first off decide when and what to quit (and when to press on) so that you can become The Best in the World at what you truly desire to be. But you see, this is why "the best in the world" is so scarce - people don't know when and what to quit, and they don't know when to press on. This is why people are unhappy and lead mediocre lives - scarcity is created by everyone around you, so take advantage of this!

While there are many interesting things to discuss in those ~80 pages in Godin's book, the idea of having the mindset of "Best in the World" is a take home point for every part of your life. If you set out to be the Best in the World, then automatically you will be doing the things that only the Best in the World would do (and not do the things they wouldn't do!). By holding yourself to a higher standard and putting your energy towards accomplishing 1 or 2 great things rather than being just "good" at everything, you eliminate what Godin calls the "cul de sac" effect, where you are essentially going in circles and spinning your wheels. Getting caught in a cul de sac is a recipe for mediocrity and a way to acheive nothing. Decide what you want to become the Best in the World at and strive to make that happen - enjoy The Dip and reape the benefits that no one else waited to see (or waited to long in something else).

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