Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have a Deadline

Its easy to relax and let your goals fade. In fact thats probably what you're used to doing.

Far too often, people think, say, or write down a goal - but there's no deadline. No "if you don't get it done by that day you fail", no public embarassment, no accountability.

The most sure fire way to lock it down and take action on your goals is to set a strict (public if you can) deadline.

People allow themselves to fail everyday, but no one wants to be humiliated in front of friends, family, or peers.

Sports make this easy. If I have a fight scheduled for june 1st, I am going to do everything I can to show up to that event in peak condition - physically,technically, and mentally prepared to my utmost ability on THAT day. June 2nd won't matter.

Personal, business, financial, fitness, etc goals also need to have deadlines and should be also be made public (even if just to a small group of friends). By doing so, you'll find yourself being more productive (cant waste time now that theres a date it has to be done by!), and less apt to quit or push it to the side (again).

Act faster and prosper. Deadline it and make it official.

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