Tuesday, February 24, 2009

19 Killer Pull Up Variations!

Whether you're a combat athlete who needs crazy upperbody pulling strength or someone who wants to be lean and strong, look no further than the "upperbody squat" aka the pull up! Pull up and chin up variations are KING when it comes to functional strength gains that will carry over to just about every sport there is! Here are 19 variations to choose from...

1. pull ups w/close grip
2. pull ups w/medium grip
3. pull ups w/wide grip
4. chin ups w/close grip
5. chin ups w/medium grip
6. mixed grip pull ups (both)
7. sternum pull ups or chin ups
8. judo pull ups
9. sliding pull ups
10. L-Pull Ups/Chin Ups
11. Hand On Wrist Pull Ups (both)
12. Towel Chins
13. Neutral Grip Towel Chins
14. Clapping Pull Ups
15. Reaching Pull Ups
16. One Hand Towel / One Hand Bar Pull Ups (both)
17. Pole Vaulter Pull Ups
18. Renzo Pull Ups
19. Switch Plyo Pull Ups (switch from supinated to pronated or vice versa)

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