Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alwyn Cosgrove Barbell Complex

If you're into fitness or strength and conditioning and you don't know who Alwyn Cosgrove, then you're living under a rock! And if you've never done barbell complexes, then you're definately missing out on a whole new world of pain!

One my favorite complexes was developed by Alwyn and can used as part of a warm up with just an olympic bar, a complete strength endurance session, or as a finisher after a heavier strength based workout.

Without putting the bar down between movements, the complex is as follows

1. Deadlifts
2. Romanian Deadlifts
3. Bent Rows
4. Hang Cleans
5. Front Squats
6. Push Presses
7. Back Squats
8. Goodmornings

The rep range can be up to you, but I suggest doing between 3 and 8 reps per movement. One of my favorite methods using this complex is to start off with 6 reps per movement on the first set, then down to 5 on the next set, and so on until I am doing just 1 rep per movement. Rest as needed between sets, but a good goal is to complete the workout in 12 minutes or less. Once you can get all the sets in the alloted time, ADD SOME WEIGHT TO THE BAR. A 95lb. barbell is a good start, but definately NOT the limit!

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