Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Workout In The Life Of

Just to show how much variety I use with my training and how once gain you need to use alot or do alot to get big results.

Now normally, although I am a personal trainer at a gym, I NEVER actually workout there. I just prefer to train in solitude in my basement home gym and am most comfortable there. But due to time constraints I was forced to train there today and ended up having a killer session. I decided since I wasn't home that I should maybe do some things I normally wouldn't do and switch things up a bit.

First off, I always like to get a GREAT warm up:
1. push ups x 50
2. trx recline rows x 50
3. squats x 50
4. reverse lunges x 50 (25 ea)

next I decided to utilize the gyms heavier dumbbells, so my first movement of the day was one of my all time favorites, the single arm dumbbell snatch. After a few warm up sets, I did 3 sets of 5 (left and right) with a fairly heavy weight and then decided to really overload my posterior chain with some dumbbell high pulls and I did 2 sets of 5 of those.

Next, since we have a thick climbing rope in the personal training area, I did a 15 minute upperbody EDT session...alternating reverse climbs x5 w/hand over hand pull ups x 5 for as many rounds as I could do. My Finger tips to my abs were TORCHED after this!

Lastly, the gym does have a nice 45 degree back extension, so I grabbed a plate and finished off with 2 sets of 20. The 45 degree back extension is murder on everything from your calves to your lowerback!

And that was and out in about 35 minutes!

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