Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Workouts In the Life Of

As a personal trainer, I often get asked how I train - if I do "cardio", or am I just a bodyweight only guy, or do I just use kettlebells, or barbells, or whatever. But its pretty difficult to sum up exactly what I do, as my training sessions are usually different in some way or another, but simple none the less.

Anyway, to give a clear cut example of what i'm doing, here are my last two sessions (including todays)

warm up
1. push ups x 50 (5x10 w/10 seconds rest)
2. band face pulls x 50 (straight set)
3. bodyweight squats x 50
4. reverse lunges x 50 (25 ea)

a1) snatch grip deadlifts 6x3
a2) pull ups: bodyweight x 6xmax reps
b1) parallel bar dips: 2xmax reps
b2) recline rows (using doubled up tow straps) 2xmax reps
c) kettlebell swings (w/53lb.) 5x10 (l/r) w/out putting down
d) band pull aparts x 50 total reps

warm up
1. push ups x 50 (5x10 w/10 sec rest)
2. band face pulls x 50
3. bw squats x 50
4. reverse lunges x 50 (25 ea)

a) box squats 12x2 w/30 seconds rest or less
b1) weighted incline push ups: bw+2 chains x 3xmax reps
b2) weighted recline rows: bw+2 chains x 3xmax reps
c1) glute ham raises 2xmax reps
c2) towel barbell shrugs 135x2xmax reps
d) kettlebell combat complex x 1 set
1. snatches x 5 l/r
2. clean and press x 5 l/r
3. squats x 10
4. reverse lunges x 10 (5 each)
5. high pulls x 5 l/r
6. rows x 5 l/r
7. 2 H swings x 10

So there you have it...In those past 2 days I used bodyweight, bands, barbells, the sub max effort method, the dynamic effort method, repetition methods, kettebells, complexes, supersets, circuits, grip work, etc - EVERYTHING. The basics work, plain and simple! P.S. Both sessions took 40 minutes or less, including the warm up!

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