Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sandbag & Bodyweight Triplet!

Throwing around heavy objects utilizing the entire body is a proven method for gaining power, strength and muscular size (if you so desire). It doesn't matter if its a barbell, a heavy dumbbell, kettlebells, sandbags, kegs - you name it - the body only knows tension, not what piece of equipment you're using. Not only is this stuff highly productive, but it is flat out FUN! Cleaning, Pressing, Snatching, Loading, Swinging, etc heavy stuff around is invigorating and lets you know that you're alive - there's nothing like it!

Besides the 'grunt' work of heavy lifting, I also LOVE training with my own bodyweight, and as a martial artist, it is one of the most "sport specific" (I hate that word!) ways to train. Being able to knock off endless push ups, pull ups, bodyweight rows is just plain cool (not to mention functional) - nevermind when you get to the more advanced variations - the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Well today I wanted to get the best of both worlds...I was itching for a kick ass training session, and I definately got it with this one.

After a warm up with some calisthenics, I ripped through the following for 5 rounds:
a1) sandbag power clean & catch + zercher squat x 5
*** crazy for total body power and especially power endurance...these suckers will have your heart feeling like its going to jump out of your chest!
a2) reverse hand over hand rope climb x 5
*** from your grip to your triceps to your chest to your lats to your core stabilizers, this is just a flat out awesome upperbody movement. The key is to keep your bodyweight forward and not get lazy by letting back.
a3) recline rope climbs x 5
*** in terms of overall upperbody pulling strength, these, along with pull ups and rows, should be a mainstay in everybody's program.

And that's it. 3 Movements, 20 minutes or so of my time, and a shitload of attitude!

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