Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yesterday's Workout + New Sandbag Leg Complex!

Another great session yesterday - I just love sharing these with you guys, giving you a view into my world! Here ya go...

After my usual warm up of push ups, recline rows, squats and reverse lunges I decided to hit up another 10 minute density round, but this time using the sandbag clean and press - with the goal trying to pack in as many reps as possible in the alloted time frame. If one were ever extremely short on time, you could definately get away with this one movement and call it a day! Tremendous total body movement, that when done in a fast pace like I did today will jack up your muscular and power endurance.

After the clean and presses, I did some upperbody work - 3 sets of dips and chins, going for maximum reps each set. I love this particular superset and dips n' chins never do the upperbody wrong - just take a look at the upperbody development of any gymnast!

If I wasn't already wasted enough, I wanted to get in some lowerbody work - so I hit up a killer of a lowerbody complex with my 130lb sandbag. The complex looks like this -
1. sandbag shoulder squats x 3 each side
2. bearhug reverse lunges x 6 (3 each side)
3. bearhug goodmornings x 8

While obviously this was very difficult on the lowerbody/posterior chain, the systematic fatigue from this was INSANE! Your entire body has to work hard to stabilize the sandbag - especially during the shoulder squats! Only two sets of this sucker proved to be plenty!

Finally to finish off for the day, I did a 2 minute set of D.A.R.C swings (where you release the 'bell and catch it with the opposite hand each rep) with my 24kg kettlebell followed immediately by a 2 minute set of hand over hand rope climbs. As if my grip and forearms were'nt already fried, this really capped the session off and I just lied a pool of my own sweat once the round of rope climbs was up!

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