Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Most People Fail

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Gym!

And neither do you! One of the best you can do for your fitness is to get outside in nice weather and just kill it with whatever equipment you have available. Take some dumbbells or maybe a kettlebell outside, or maybe go to a local park and just have fun and take in some fresh air for 30-45 minutes. There's no thinking involved, no intricate program design, just the down n dirty basics with some creativity thrown in for good measure!

This past weekend, we got to enjoy some pleasant weather here in CT and I took full advantage by getting outside and getting in a great workout.Through reading this blog, you can see that I use a variety of tools, and one of favorites for general strength and conditioning - especially once spring rolls around - is a keg. Kegs are awesome because they are awkward, with the water (yes, water!)sloshing around, it makes them very difficult to control - calling in all those stabilizer muscles you normally wouldn't use with a typical barbell or dumbbell movement.

So I dragged my 100lb. Keg outside and put myself through the paces, finishing the entire session - warm up and all - in about 20-25 minutes.

Here's what I did

warm up:
push ups 2x15
box jumps (around 30") 2x10
recline rows x 20

Main Session (using 100lb. keg)

I went through the following circuit for 3 sets;
a1) Clean and Press x 5
a2) Bent Over Rows x 10
a3) Bear Hug Swings x 15

b1)Keg Cleans 2x10
b2)plyo push ups 2x10

c) Tactical Walking Lunges w/53lb. kettlebell 2x50 steps

I finished off the session with 40-50 various pull ups and called it a day. Simple, but brutally effective!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 17 Dumbbell Combination Moves For Fat Loss and Conditioning!

When it comes to training, I am a time management FREAK (if you haven't already noticed) and its always of upmost importance that I always get the biggest bang for my "training buck". Between running my personal training business, training various martial arts, and having some sort of 'non training' life, the last thing I want to be doing is spending HOURS in the gym. And I kind of have a hunch that alot of people are in the same boat - as much as we love to workout and train, there are other priorities!

One of my favorite time saving methods for myself and my clients, is to use dumbbell combination moves - either with just the dumbbell(s) or adding a jumpstretch band for extra resistence. A combo is where you combine 2 or more movements back to back to make up a single rep, for example, a dumbbell squat into a push press (aka a "thruster"). There are many more options, though, especially when you start combining some of the olympic lift variations.

Here are a few that will leave you panting and gasping for air:
1. Lunge + Curl
2. Lunge + Overhead Press
3. Lunge + Curl + Overhead Press
4. Alternating Lunge + Press
5. Curl + Overhead Press
6. RDL + Bent Over Row
7. RDL + Cuban Press
8. RDL + Bent Over Row + Cuban Press
9. Dumbbell Deadlift + Curl + Press
10. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row
11. Dumbbell Push Up + Burpee
12. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row + Burpee
13. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row + Clean & press
14. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row + Burpee/2 Handed Swing
15. Dumbbell Thruster + Swing
16. Dumbbell Curl + Thruster
17. Dumbbell Curl + Thruster + 2H Swing

and this list can go on and on, but these 17 are a good "start". Have fun and kill it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

10-8-6 Workout From Jon Hinds

Here's some motivation from Jon Hinds, owner of the Monkey Bar Gym (, once again showing "no time - NO EXCUSES!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another 30 Minute Workout

When I tell people that my personal strength and conditioning sessions ALWAYS last less than 45 minutes and usually in the 25-35 minute range, they look at me like i'm crazy - like its impossible to acheive anything in 30 minutes. Well its my job to put that to rest, so here's my most recent strength session that took just under 30 minutes including the warm up.

warm up:
- upperbody band circuit x 1 set
1. flyes x 30
2. tricep extensions x 30
3. rows x 30
4. snapdowns x 30
- squats x 30
- reverse lunges x 30 (15 each)

on to the workout...

for my first movement of the day, I wanted to hit up a heavy deadlift variation - low reps with short rest periods to drill the movement and spark my nervous system a little.

a) snatch grip deadlifts from power rack (first pin setting) 6x2 w/30-45 seconds between sets.

next I did an upperbody push/pull superset, but EDT (escalating density) style, where I try to get in as many rounds of the superset in 10 minutes as possible

b1) weighted dips x 5
b2) weighted chins x 5

and finally, to finish off the session I did a kettlebell complex that takes about 3 minutes to complete. I always think i'm going to get in 2 sets, but one is more than enough!

c) kettlebell combat complex (left/right, without putting kb down)
1. snatch x 5
2. clean and press x 5
3. squats x 10
4. reverse lunges x 10
5. high pulls x 5
6. rows x 5
7. 2h swings x 10

session over!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Take 2 Dumbbells and a Mini band

And call me in the morning!

One of the things that I am trying to bring attention to in this blog is that hardcore fitness is acheivable without having a whole slew of equipment. Certainly if you train at a gym, then you have plenty of options, but even then, there's something primitive about using minimal equipment to get the job done. Not only that, but I find it comforting to know that I can get a great workout anywhere and anytime using whatever is at my disposal. Today, for instance, all I had to use was a jumpstretch mini band (check out elitefts or and a pair of 35lb. dumbbells. I know, I know - the iron junkies out there are wondering what the hell they can do with just a pair of 35lb. dumbbells, but hear me out.

While i'm not going to be winning any powerlifting competitions anytime soon, I can squat double bodyweight and deadlift 2.5x my bodyweight - not record breaking by anymeans, but decent and pretty "strong" by most standards and those two 'light' weights and a freakin mini band WIPED me out today!

I started off with a typical warm up - done in circuit fashion for two sets
1. push ups x 20
2. band pull aparts x 20
3. squats x 30
4. reverse lunges x 30 (15 each leg)

Next, I began the workout with a superset of two movements
a1) push ups w/bands 3x15
a2) bent over dumbbell rows w/bands 3x15

The bands allow for accomodating resistence, which means the movement only gets HARDER as I progress through the range of motion. Not only that, but the band wants to THROW you (in the pushup) or the weights back down, making what would normally be a warm up very difficult.

next I hit up a lowerbody superset for just two sets of each movement
b1) dumbbell front squats (held in rack position) 2x20
b2) dumbbell romanian deadlifts w/bands 2x20

Just like with the upperbody superset, I was only resting after BOTH movements had been completed and just two sets of this had my lowerbody begging for mercy...not to mention my lungs!

finally I decided to finish up with an upperbody finisher, one of favorites actually, for lactic acid tolerance and grip strength/endurance.
c1) dumbbell shrugs w/bands 2x20
c2) band curls 2x12

And here I am some 5 hours later still trying to feel "normal", despite already having a very high work capacity and using just two light ass dumbbells and a mini band! Never underestimate the power of using a little!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Training Motivation

From Joe Defranco's gym in Dirty Jersey

Laser Focused

The key to acheiving and surpassing any goal is to not just have one (lots of people have WEAK goals), but to have a LASER FOCUS and mindset that you will acheive your goal NO MATTER WHAT. When it comes to your fitness (or life) goals, its easy to get discouraged, but the people that succeed are the people that GO FOR IT and do so relentlessly and not stopping until its done.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Same But Different

There are 4 MAIN functions of the body that I am looking to hit up in every training session: upperbody pushing, upperbody pulling, squatting or lunging and hip extension. Now I know that there's also rotating or transverse plane movements and theres horizontal vs vertical plane pusing and pulling and blah blah blah, but frankly, I don't give a shit! I like relatively short, intense workouts that hit the entire body from head to toe. Simple and to the point. While sometimes my sessions look like i'm just throwing movements together, there is always some sort of rhyme or reason.

Here's what I did today

warm up:

a) upperbody band circuit - one of my personal favorites for a warm up or as a finisher, this is a circuit I got from Zach Even-Esh using a pair of jump stretch bands looped over my chin up bar. Its composed of 4 movements, done back to back to back to back without rest. I did 2 sets without any rest.

1. flyes x 20
2. tricep extensions x 20
3. rows x 20
4. snapdowns x 20

b) squats x 50

c) reverse lunges x 50 (25 each)

main session
a1) blast strap dips 4xreps
a2) towel chins 4xreps
...I love alternating upperbody pushing and pulling to save time and work on upperbody strength endurance/lactic acid tolerance.

b1) dumbbell reverse lunges 3x8 (each)
b2) glute ham raises w/bands 3x15

c1) blast strap facepull-scarecrow combo 2x8 (each)
c2) recline rows 2xreps
this little superset crushed my grip and upperback! You can never get enough pulling!!!

d) 2 hand towel kb swings x 2 minutes (non stop)
...these finished me off nicely and now my hands feel like arthritic claws.

done in just under 40 minutes (including the warm up!).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated!

Too many people think that you need to work out in a fancy gym or spend thousands of dollars in equipment for their own home gym, but that is just NOT the case. I'm %1000convinced that I could run an entire year long bootcamp program using just ONE moderately heavy dumbbell per participant. Or just their bodyweight. Or just a sandbag. Or just some kettlebells - you get the picture...nevermind if I could mix and match just a few of these options! If funds are limited, be creative and see what you can actually accomplish using minimal equipment and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results!


While I don't always think that EVERY single workout should be a total thrasher, and that more often than not its okay to leave a training session feeling "good", there are some definate benefits to adding finishers to your training sessions. Whether it be to work on muscular imbalances or weakness or general conditioning/mental toughness, I love finishers in the form of bands, kettlebells, complexes, short circuits, etc - but one of my ALL TIME favorites - especially for the lower body is the infamous WALL SIT. The wall sit is so simple that it often gets overlooked, but if you're looking to drive your lactic acid tolerance through the roof, then look no further!

With your your back against a wall and feet about 1' out, squat down to parallel and push HARD against the wall - getting a maximal muscular contraction. Too many people do these and just allow themselves to sit there and claim they can hold a wall sit for ridiculous amounts of time, but if you're not pushing back against the wall, then you're missing out on a very beneficial movement and cheating yourself! Keep your toes pointed straight ahead and resist the urge to round your shoulders and rest your hands on your legs. These can be done for one set of max time or for intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute, resting 10-30 seconds between sets.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Time Saving Workouts!

Sometimes just the though of another 60-90 minute workout is enough to keep you away from the gym and doing anything at all. What most people don't understand is that you can accomplish MORE in 15, 20, or 30 minute workouts than those other clowns do in their 2 hour marathon sessions. Here are two "time saving workouts" that will take 20 minutes total - including the warm up!

workout 1:

warm up x 2 sets
push ups x 15
band rows or face pulls x 20
squats x 30
reverse lunges x 12 each leg

Max Rounds In 15 Minutes:
a1) Deadlifts 1-1.5x bodyweight x 10
a2) Reverse Rope Climbs x 5
a3) Hand Over Hand Pull Ups x 5

workout 2:

warm up: same as workout 1

a) zercher squats 8x2 w/30 seconds between sets with a moderately heavy weight
b) max rounds in 10 minutes
- incline push ups (or any push up variation) x 15
- recline rows x 15
- kettlebell snatches x 15 l/r

The Cheapest Grip Training Tool!

If you're a jiu jitsu player, judo player, wrestler, or even a boxer or thai boxer - grip and hand strength is CRUCIAL to your success. And while much of the sport specific training that you do (especially when training with a gi) incorporates the grip and the hands and fingers get worked very hard. For this reason alone, I don't like doing specific work for the grip. Pinch gripping, caption of crush work, etc are all good, but I find that when adding this on top of everything I already do, my hands and grip get overtrained pretty quickly.

This solution, and the CHEAPEST grip tool available is a simple bath or beach towel. Great for chins, rows, recline rows, windshield wipers, deadlifts, shrugs, romanian deadlifts, and kettlebell swings, using a towel grip for movements that you are already doing is a great way to hit two birds with one stone - and i'm all about saving time and maximizing our training economy!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alwyn Cosgrove Barbell Complex

If you're into fitness or strength and conditioning and you don't know who Alwyn Cosgrove, then you're living under a rock! And if you've never done barbell complexes, then you're definately missing out on a whole new world of pain!

One my favorite complexes was developed by Alwyn and can used as part of a warm up with just an olympic bar, a complete strength endurance session, or as a finisher after a heavier strength based workout.

Without putting the bar down between movements, the complex is as follows

1. Deadlifts
2. Romanian Deadlifts
3. Bent Rows
4. Hang Cleans
5. Front Squats
6. Push Presses
7. Back Squats
8. Goodmornings

The rep range can be up to you, but I suggest doing between 3 and 8 reps per movement. One of my favorite methods using this complex is to start off with 6 reps per movement on the first set, then down to 5 on the next set, and so on until I am doing just 1 rep per movement. Rest as needed between sets, but a good goal is to complete the workout in 12 minutes or less. Once you can get all the sets in the alloted time, ADD SOME WEIGHT TO THE BAR. A 95lb. barbell is a good start, but definately NOT the limit!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Combat Core Work

While the word "core" has been a buzz word for the past 10 years or so, we now know that crunches are worthless and that its all about training the core or pelvic-lumbo hip complex as a unit rather than just the abdominals that you can (or cant) see. The abdominals, posterior chain, hip complex and even lats all play a huge role in core stabilization. Some of my favorite core movements are done hanging from a chin up bar - not only are you engaging the core, but also your grip and lats, getting more bang for your buck.

Here's a vid from Joe Hashley showing some of these variations

Monday, March 9, 2009

Density Pull Up Training

Whether you're a combat athlete or just someone into training hard, everyone wants to crank up to their pull up numbers (or at least you should!) and the BEST way to do that is through frequent practice with a lot of QUALITY reps. As said before, you should be eating pull ups for BREAKFAST! In order to get good at anything you have to get alot of practice, right? Strength is no different, and you need to remember that its a SKILL. You won't get better at pull ups by just doing them once a week, or worse never at all. The solution is a method that Wake Forest Strength Coach Ethan Reeve developed for his wrestlers when he used to Coach at UTC and Ohio State. Basically he would have his wrestlers start off a with a goal of 100 reps EVERY DAY in 20 minutes by doing 5 pull ups on the minute, every minute for 20 minutes. Over the course of several months, the amount of time to acheieve the 100 reps took less and less until eventually every single one of his wrestlers could do the 100 reps in 10 minutes (10 reps on the minute)!

While THAT much volume and frequency may not be necessary for alot of the people reading this, you can take the same idea and make it more applicable to your goals and current fitness/strength levels.

For example, outside of your regular strength training sessions, include 3 weekly pull up sessions and start with a 20 minute time limit. If you can do 5 pull ups or less, then doing 20 sets of 2 on the minute would be a good start, 10 or less 3 on the minute, and if you're a 15+ pull up guy then start with doing 5 on the minute.

So Our Volume would as follows
5 pull ups or less: 40 total reps
10 pull ups or less: 60 total reps
15+ pull ups: 100 total reps

The eventual goal is to over time, get your alloted reps in 10 minutes. Only when you can get all of your reps done on the minute do you increase your reps and drop the time - remember, QUALITY is what we're after here and there's no need to rush the process.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I am Training

From about sums it up

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Workout In The Life Of

Just to show how much variety I use with my training and how once gain you need to use alot or do alot to get big results.

Now normally, although I am a personal trainer at a gym, I NEVER actually workout there. I just prefer to train in solitude in my basement home gym and am most comfortable there. But due to time constraints I was forced to train there today and ended up having a killer session. I decided since I wasn't home that I should maybe do some things I normally wouldn't do and switch things up a bit.

First off, I always like to get a GREAT warm up:
1. push ups x 50
2. trx recline rows x 50
3. squats x 50
4. reverse lunges x 50 (25 ea)

next I decided to utilize the gyms heavier dumbbells, so my first movement of the day was one of my all time favorites, the single arm dumbbell snatch. After a few warm up sets, I did 3 sets of 5 (left and right) with a fairly heavy weight and then decided to really overload my posterior chain with some dumbbell high pulls and I did 2 sets of 5 of those.

Next, since we have a thick climbing rope in the personal training area, I did a 15 minute upperbody EDT session...alternating reverse climbs x5 w/hand over hand pull ups x 5 for as many rounds as I could do. My Finger tips to my abs were TORCHED after this!

Lastly, the gym does have a nice 45 degree back extension, so I grabbed a plate and finished off with 2 sets of 20. The 45 degree back extension is murder on everything from your calves to your lowerback!

And that was and out in about 35 minutes!

Fat Loss In 4 Minutes!

When it comes to conditioning and fat loss, one of the BEST methods to use is the TABATA protocol. Without giving all the background behind this, the tabata protocol has gained alot of popularity over the last few years in various fat loss circles - mainly because its simple and it WORKS. Because of the work to rest ratio, both aeroibic and anaerobic capacities are improved at the same time. The protocol can be done with one or two movements at the end of a strength session or used as a stand alone method for an entire conditioning session using 3-5 movements. All you'll need is a timer such as the gym boss or a visible wall clock.

The protocol is as follows
20 seconds of work
10 seconds of rest
repeat 8x for a total of 4 minutes of work.

What makes this work is that there is no time for slow and no time to think about your next round. You HAVE to go and you will.

Now you can do tabata tricep kickbacks if you really wanted to, but I encourage people to pick full body movements that require alot of muscle mass. Oxygen deprivation here we come!

Here are some movements that would be a good choice:
bodyweight squats
push ups
jumping pull ups (or kipping pull ups)
jump rope double unders
jump squats
split squat jumps
parallel bar dips (only if you are already strong on these)
kettlebell swings (2 h or 1h switching every other 20 second round)
kettlebell snatches (switching hands every round)
barbell front squats (use the bar, 65, or 95lb.)
dumbbell or barbell thrusters
dumbbell snatches
dumbbell swings
dumbbell hang squat cleans
band snapdowns
band suplexes
band uchikomi's for my judo guys
sprints (very tough)
concept II rowing
medicine ball slams (or core ball chops)
barbell or dumbbell push presses
and more! Be creative!

This stuff is HARD WORK, but if you're looking for a fat loss workout like none other or you're a combat athlete looking to take your conditioning to the next level, give the tabtata protocol a whirl.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Partner Inverted Row and Muscle Up

From Martin Rooney, one of the best in the Biz!

Use These Simple Tools Jack Up Your Upperback and Grip!

If you haven't guessed already, I do TONS of upperback work - not only for sport specific reasons (jiu jitsu and wrestling require tremendous PULLING strength), but also for shoulder health because I suffered a torn labrum a few years back and have since been hyper focued on maintain healthy shoulders.

Besides heavy rowing and weighted/non weighted chin and pull up variations, I also do quite a bit of upperback work using jump stretch bands and a pair of straps from my Elitefts Dragging Sled. Last week I gave my top 4 movements using the bands, but today i'm going tell you how to get a little more variety in and work your upperback and grip HARD using just a couple of straps or jiu jitsu belts (or climbing ropes or blast straps or TRX - you get the picture!)

Number one, recline rows are ABSOLUTELY essential in anybody's program. They be can be as a part of a warm up, or later in the workout as part of a superset with a pushing movement - high reps, low reps, weighted, unweighted - they all are good! Try doing them for TIME once in awhile!

(note: this just a vid I found on youtube, and not me personally)

Number 2 - and I group these under the same category, I use my sled straps for scarecrows, face pulls, and a movement I just call Retract&Rotate. I might pick one of these on the day, or sometimes do a combo such as a facepull-scarecrow, or I might do a complete circuit hitting up 8-15 reps in each back to back to back as part of a finisher to a workout.

Here's the guys at Synergy-Athletics showing these, plus a bonus tricep exercise at the end...check it out!

Number 3 - I love doing simulated rope climbs (or hand over hand pullups) for TIME (5minutes or sometimes more!) , usually as a finisher at the end of a session to burn out my grip and pulling muscles. Not the same as the real thing, but a pretty good substitute nonetheless!

check out this old dude tearing it up!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Dumbbell Only Workout!

Since yesterday I gave the Barbell Only Workout, today I'm going to design a training session just using the SECOND most basic piece of equipment that should be in everyone home gym...a pair of adjustable dumbbells! Dumbbells are easy to store, great for building intermuscular coordination and stability, and in some cases can make our favorite BARBELL movements even MORE challenging! Most standard sized dumbbell handles can be loaded to at least 75-85lb., and depending on the movements that you choose, that will be PLENTY of weight. For any beasts out there, you can get longer handles welded or dish out some extra cash for a 20 or 24" pre made handle from new york barbell or ironmind. Either way, this small investment will keep repaying you over and over again with kick ass, take no prisoners workouts.

To begin the session, you'll want to once again warm up - this time we are going to use a dumbbell complex - moving from one movement to the next without putting the weights down. The complex is as follows:

1. RDL x 8
2. Bent Over Row x 8
3. High Pull x 8
4. Thruster x 8
5. Reverse Lunge x 8 (each leg)

You'll want to use a pair of 15-30lb. dumbbells to for this, depending on your current strength levels. Do this for 3-4 sets, resting a minute or less in between each complex.

Next, you can add some plates and get to the real work...

a) one arm clean and press 5x5 (left and right). Our first movement is going to be a single arm clean and press, making sure you get a full clean (squat the weight down w/chest up) and either strict or push press on every rep. You're going to 5 sets of 5reps with no rest when switching arms, and only 30-60 seconds between each set. Make sure you use a weight thats challenging!

b1) Push Up Variation 3xmax reps. Any variation!

b2) Bent Over Dumbbell Rows 3x8-12. You have 3 options can do one arm rows, two arm rows, or two arm ALTERNATING rows. All variations are good choices, but maybe switch things up every few workouts to avoid boredom. Oh, and once your form is good (maintain a neutral spine, not too much hitching), make sure to add some WEIGHT!

c) Dumbbell Reverse Lunges 2-3x8-12 (each side)...alternate legs and rest 60-90 seconds TOPS. Try get as close as you can to handling bodyweight (between the two dumbbells) in this movement once you have your base established. I hate seeing guys who bench w/100lb. dumbbells using 25's for lunges!

d) Dumbbell Swings (one arm) 2-3x12-20 each side. Dumbbell swings are a killer posterior chain movement and an awesome conditioner. Finish the workout on a strong note!

Once again, you don't need to get complicated to get a kick ass workout hitting your entire body from head to toe! Get to it!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Barbell Only Workout!

There is something to be said about the elegance of simplicity, and the most bare bone basic pieces of equipment someone should have for their home gym is a 300lb. olympic barbell set. From various deadlifts and pulls from the floor, to bent over rowing, to overhead pressing, to heavy cheat curls, super high rep front and back squats (after cleaning the weight), lunges, etc, etc the possibilities are endless!

Add in some bodyweight movements and you have yourself a complete strength and conditioning program right there in your basement or garage! Here's a real simple bare bones barbell only workout - you don't need fancy equipment or the best of the best to get results!

warm up:
you want your warm up to act not only as a means to injury prevention and priming your nervous system, but as a way to slowly drive up your GPP.

for this particular workout, we are going to use a barbell complex (moving from one movement to the next w/out putting the bar down).

1. deadlift x 6
2. romanian deadlift x 6
3. barbell row x 6
4. muscle snatch x 6
5. overhead press x 6
6. back squat x 6
7. reverse lunge x 6
8. goodmorning x 6

using just an empty bar, go through this complex for 2-3 sets

now on to the main session...

a) clean and press/push press 3x5. Using a fairly heavy weight, you do a clean (from the hang) and a press or push press on every rep. 3 sets of 5 reps would be good here, but dont be afraid to hit up some higher rep sets for extra conditioning!

you would next do an upperbody push and pull superset, where we would do our pushing movement first and then immediately go to your pulling movement. Only after the superset has been completed, would you rest for 45-90 seconds and then repeat the process.

b1) Push Up Variation 3xmax reps. There are tons of push up variations, so pick one thats difficult!. For advanced trainees, the handstand push up would be an excellenet choice!

b2) Bent Over Barbell Row 3x8-12. Go hard and heavy on these bad boys!

c) Snatch Grip Deadlifts 5x5 w/30-45 seconds rest. After a few warm up sets to get up to your working weight, these would be done by themselves with emphasis on perfect form, but using very short rest periods to get tremendous power endurance effect.

lastly, you would conclude the session with a finisher of a super high rep bodyweight leg matrix and high rep barbell shrugs to kick up our lactic acid through the roof!

d1) The Leg Matrix x 2 sets
1. squats x 24
2. lunges x 24
3. split squat jumps x 24
4. squat jumps x 24

d2) barbell shrugs 2x15-25

And there you have it! This is just one workout of many variations you could do,
but hopefully this gave you some insight into how simple your workouts can be to get results!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two Workouts In the Life Of

As a personal trainer, I often get asked how I train - if I do "cardio", or am I just a bodyweight only guy, or do I just use kettlebells, or barbells, or whatever. But its pretty difficult to sum up exactly what I do, as my training sessions are usually different in some way or another, but simple none the less.

Anyway, to give a clear cut example of what i'm doing, here are my last two sessions (including todays)

warm up
1. push ups x 50 (5x10 w/10 seconds rest)
2. band face pulls x 50 (straight set)
3. bodyweight squats x 50
4. reverse lunges x 50 (25 ea)

a1) snatch grip deadlifts 6x3
a2) pull ups: bodyweight x 6xmax reps
b1) parallel bar dips: 2xmax reps
b2) recline rows (using doubled up tow straps) 2xmax reps
c) kettlebell swings (w/53lb.) 5x10 (l/r) w/out putting down
d) band pull aparts x 50 total reps

warm up
1. push ups x 50 (5x10 w/10 sec rest)
2. band face pulls x 50
3. bw squats x 50
4. reverse lunges x 50 (25 ea)

a) box squats 12x2 w/30 seconds rest or less
b1) weighted incline push ups: bw+2 chains x 3xmax reps
b2) weighted recline rows: bw+2 chains x 3xmax reps
c1) glute ham raises 2xmax reps
c2) towel barbell shrugs 135x2xmax reps
d) kettlebell combat complex x 1 set
1. snatches x 5 l/r
2. clean and press x 5 l/r
3. squats x 10
4. reverse lunges x 10 (5 each)
5. high pulls x 5 l/r
6. rows x 5 l/r
7. 2 H swings x 10

So there you have it...In those past 2 days I used bodyweight, bands, barbells, the sub max effort method, the dynamic effort method, repetition methods, kettebells, complexes, supersets, circuits, grip work, etc - EVERYTHING. The basics work, plain and simple! P.S. Both sessions took 40 minutes or less, including the warm up!