Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fake It Til You Make It

The most successfull people are those who envisioned themselves being where they are a long time ago, took action, and then through calculated risks ended up at the top of the mountain. While you certainly need to remain humble in your journey, and realize that it is going to take a lot of work, you need to put yourself in that moment, in that mindset as often as you can. Feel what its like to have conquered your goals and remember that feeling to drive you past any detours that pop up. People who are constantly down because they aren't where they would like to be, are definately not helping themselves with their negative thoughts. By constantly feeling sorry for yourself and your PAST actions you are not advancing forward into the future. Work hard, be positibve, expect to constantly acheive more, and after that its all gravy, baby.

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