Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have Your Behaviors Match Your Goals

Have your behaviors match your goals. To keep yourself in check, this is a good general rule to follow...if you want to lose 20lb, but you go to the bar 4 nights a week, then I guess your behaviors are not matching your goals! I'm not saying that you need to be perfect all the time (often times, this can just lead to more stress and steer you further from your goals), but keep the big picture in mind and focus on taking baby steps to accomplishing something big. Often notice how people who are always complaining about whats going wrong in their life tend to bring it all upon them? This is not just some mystery, because if you were to back track and see what they've done in the past - more often than not, they've been fuckin up for a long time. So in the words of Ice Cube, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. If you do the small things on a regular basis, then it'll all come together at the end, and vice versa. In the example of a competitive mixed martial artist, if you keep putting off that you need to work on your defense, but you continue to just spar and not drill, and then proceed to knocked the fuck out, then I guess you deserved it!

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