Monday, November 24, 2008

Finish the Year with a Bang!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and serves as a great time of reflection, but don't be like everyone else and just ride the rest of the year out and postpone everything until after the first of the year! You know those resolutions you thought of last year, but probably lost track of midway through january? Dig those fuckers up and try to actually get something done in these next 4-5 weeks! Don't use the excuse that this is a busy time of the year, or that now is just not the right time, or whatever soft ass excuse people use.Not to sound corny, but make it a challenge. Don't pick your toughest goal out of the bunch, but go after something within reach and in the midst of all the holiday mayhem, focus on that or one or few things and make it happen! Be able to actually start the new year on a good foot and not in an 0-2 count like most people. So if you spent the last 11 months getting butt naked, keep your clothes on for this last one!

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