Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Long Term Approach

In Martial Arts, In Life, whatever, shit is going to happen. You are going to have bad practices, bad days, bad weeks...this is just how it goes, but you don't need to live your life in anticipation of these things happening nor should you get down when you have a day where things didn't go as planned. Its great to have high expectations, and everyone should be always be striving to be something more, but as I've gone into in previous entries - don't be afraid to just "be" -as Dan John says- show up, don't quit, ask questions. If you do those 3 things and stay positive while doing it, any goal you'll ever have will be reached! I promise you this. At Underdog BJJ and IMB , we are extremely fortunate to have great instruction and GREAT training partners - no one is top dog and everyone is tough, technical, and like minded in the sense that when are at the academy to train we are there to do just that. I get beat all the time... but I also have my good days, and I understand its all part of the process. If you are not getting beat in training, ever, than you are training with the wrong people or you are just not taking the necessary risks! Michael jordan missed THOUSANDS of shots in his career, but we don't remember those times...we remember him jukin' mugs left and right and sinking jumpers at the buzzer. The difference between people like Mike and everyone else is that number one, he worked restlessly to perfect his game and number two, he always took risks! Sure he had bad days, bad games, bad series', but the reward was so great that those misfortunes were easily forgotten. As Fabi would say, you gotta believe, kid!

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