Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Upperback Band Movements!

So we know that heavy deadlift variatons, barbell rowing, dumbbell rowing and pull ups are absoulute essentials to getting a diesel upperback and crazy pulling strength (not to mention the postural benefits), but often times just doing those movements isn't enough - or in some cases, people are just too weak to do those movements correctly. In order to have the scapular control necessary to deadlift and row correctly, you need some degree of strength built first. This is where jump stretch bands come in, allowing you to do a wide variety of upperback movements - either as part of your warm ups or at the end of workouts (or both if you're like me!). Because of the accomodating resistence, the bands are a much better option in my opinion then say a cable apparatus...that, and they're just convenient and simple to use and I like that.

That said, my top 4 favorite upperback movements are

1. Band Rows

2. Band Face Pulls

3. Band Pull Aparts

4. Behind The Neck Pull Aparts

You can pick just one or two of these and do them as part of a warm up, or even for timed sets at the end of a workout, or you can finish a session with a quick circuit of all 4. Don't be afraid to crank out a ton of volume with these and watch your shoulder problems disappear and your upperback strength go through the roof!

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