Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bear Crawls - Oh My!

Bear Crawl/Hand Walking variations are definately one my favorite total body conditioners to use either was a warm up or as part of a workout - there are quite a few variations and once you start adding in various types of push ups within each variation, the possibilities are endless!

Here are my top 10 favorite crawling variations (in no particular order)

1. forward bear crawls
2. backward bear crawls
3. lateral bear crawls
4. alligator walks aka spiderman crawls depending on who you ask
5. sit out walks (definately looks the coolest!)
6. gorilla crawls
7. frog hops
8. crab walks
9. abdominal backward slides (if training on a matted area)
10. forward body pulls (if training on a matted area)

If you're a wrestler, mma fighter, brazilian jiu jitsu practicioner, or just a hardcore fitness enthusiest these are all great for increasing work capacity, body awareness and general upperbody strength/shoulder stability in a very specific manner. Nothing will prepare you to handle your own bodyweight quite like handling your own bodyweight in all sorts of movement patterns and planes! Get to it!

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