Monday, March 30, 2009

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Gym!

And neither do you! One of the best you can do for your fitness is to get outside in nice weather and just kill it with whatever equipment you have available. Take some dumbbells or maybe a kettlebell outside, or maybe go to a local park and just have fun and take in some fresh air for 30-45 minutes. There's no thinking involved, no intricate program design, just the down n dirty basics with some creativity thrown in for good measure!

This past weekend, we got to enjoy some pleasant weather here in CT and I took full advantage by getting outside and getting in a great workout.Through reading this blog, you can see that I use a variety of tools, and one of favorites for general strength and conditioning - especially once spring rolls around - is a keg. Kegs are awesome because they are awkward, with the water (yes, water!)sloshing around, it makes them very difficult to control - calling in all those stabilizer muscles you normally wouldn't use with a typical barbell or dumbbell movement.

So I dragged my 100lb. Keg outside and put myself through the paces, finishing the entire session - warm up and all - in about 20-25 minutes.

Here's what I did

warm up:
push ups 2x15
box jumps (around 30") 2x10
recline rows x 20

Main Session (using 100lb. keg)

I went through the following circuit for 3 sets;
a1) Clean and Press x 5
a2) Bent Over Rows x 10
a3) Bear Hug Swings x 15

b1)Keg Cleans 2x10
b2)plyo push ups 2x10

c) Tactical Walking Lunges w/53lb. kettlebell 2x50 steps

I finished off the session with 40-50 various pull ups and called it a day. Simple, but brutally effective!

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