Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top 17 Dumbbell Combination Moves For Fat Loss and Conditioning!

When it comes to training, I am a time management FREAK (if you haven't already noticed) and its always of upmost importance that I always get the biggest bang for my "training buck". Between running my personal training business, training various martial arts, and having some sort of 'non training' life, the last thing I want to be doing is spending HOURS in the gym. And I kind of have a hunch that alot of people are in the same boat - as much as we love to workout and train, there are other priorities!

One of my favorite time saving methods for myself and my clients, is to use dumbbell combination moves - either with just the dumbbell(s) or adding a jumpstretch band for extra resistence. A combo is where you combine 2 or more movements back to back to make up a single rep, for example, a dumbbell squat into a push press (aka a "thruster"). There are many more options, though, especially when you start combining some of the olympic lift variations.

Here are a few that will leave you panting and gasping for air:
1. Lunge + Curl
2. Lunge + Overhead Press
3. Lunge + Curl + Overhead Press
4. Alternating Lunge + Press
5. Curl + Overhead Press
6. RDL + Bent Over Row
7. RDL + Cuban Press
8. RDL + Bent Over Row + Cuban Press
9. Dumbbell Deadlift + Curl + Press
10. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row
11. Dumbbell Push Up + Burpee
12. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row + Burpee
13. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row + Clean & press
14. Dumbbell Push Up + Core Row + Burpee/2 Handed Swing
15. Dumbbell Thruster + Swing
16. Dumbbell Curl + Thruster
17. Dumbbell Curl + Thruster + 2H Swing

and this list can go on and on, but these 17 are a good "start". Have fun and kill it!

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