Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Same But Different

There are 4 MAIN functions of the body that I am looking to hit up in every training session: upperbody pushing, upperbody pulling, squatting or lunging and hip extension. Now I know that there's also rotating or transverse plane movements and theres horizontal vs vertical plane pusing and pulling and blah blah blah, but frankly, I don't give a shit! I like relatively short, intense workouts that hit the entire body from head to toe. Simple and to the point. While sometimes my sessions look like i'm just throwing movements together, there is always some sort of rhyme or reason.

Here's what I did today

warm up:

a) upperbody band circuit - one of my personal favorites for a warm up or as a finisher, this is a circuit I got from Zach Even-Esh using a pair of jump stretch bands looped over my chin up bar. Its composed of 4 movements, done back to back to back to back without rest. I did 2 sets without any rest.

1. flyes x 20
2. tricep extensions x 20
3. rows x 20
4. snapdowns x 20

b) squats x 50

c) reverse lunges x 50 (25 each)

main session
a1) blast strap dips 4xreps
a2) towel chins 4xreps
...I love alternating upperbody pushing and pulling to save time and work on upperbody strength endurance/lactic acid tolerance.

b1) dumbbell reverse lunges 3x8 (each)
b2) glute ham raises w/bands 3x15

c1) blast strap facepull-scarecrow combo 2x8 (each)
c2) recline rows 2xreps
this little superset crushed my grip and upperback! You can never get enough pulling!!!

d) 2 hand towel kb swings x 2 minutes (non stop)
...these finished me off nicely and now my hands feel like arthritic claws.

done in just under 40 minutes (including the warm up!).

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