Friday, April 3, 2009

30 Minutes To Strength!

Just so people don't get it twisted, while I love training with different odd objects such as kegs and kettlebells, for pure strength and power nothing beats getting strong at the basic barbell movements - various squats, deadlifts, presses and rows. While the body only knows tension and doesn't care if its in the form of a sandbag, barbell or human being, barbell training is still the ultimate measureable form of progress. As mentioned in this blog, no barbell - no problem, however, if you train at a gym or have the space and money for an olympic barbell set and some squat racks for your home - HAVE AT IT.

Here's EXACTLY what I did for a workout today, hitting my entire body and various energy systems in just about 30 minutes total time - from my first push up in the warm up til my last face pull of the day.

warm up x 2 sets
1. push ups x 15
2. recline rows x 15
3. squats x 20
4. reverse lunges x 20 (10 ea)

a) box squats 8x2 w/30 seconds rest
***sub max effort training for the lowerbody with box squats, zercher squats and various deadlift variations is a great way to not only get CRAZY STRONG, but to increase power endurance. By using a fairly heavy weight and keeping my rest periods super short, i'm driving my GPP through the roof while making sure that every rep is FAST and smooth.

b1) weighted blast strap push ups 3x6-8
b2) towel barbell rows 3x10-12
*** an upperbody superset that will thrash you from your finger tips down to your spinal erectors. I love all kinds of push up and dip variations along with various barbell, dumbbell, and recline rows. Not to mention PULL UPS - there are a zillion variations - try all of them!

c1) glute ham raises 3x20
c2) band face pulls 3x20
***I felt like getting in some volume here for my posterior chain and upperback, but the end of the session is a great time to also get in some kettlebell or barbell complexes, unilateral leg work, core work, or whatever else you feel like working on - just keep it short and sweet.

And thats all she wrote - a No B.S. 30 minute solution to strength gains!

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