Sunday, April 5, 2009

25 Minute Thrasher

Another great workout today - total time training was just 25 minutes!

warm up x 2 sets
1. push ups x 15
2. recline rows x 15
3. squats x 20
4. reverse lunges x 20

Max Rounds in 10 Minutes:
a1) snatch grip deadlifts x 8
a2) parallel bar dips x 8
a3) chins x 8

Max Rounds in 5 Minutes (aka "the gun show")
b1) barbell shrugs x 15
b2) thick bar curls x 8

c) Kettlebell Swings (w/53lber) x 100 total reps (non stop)

Density training, where you try to get maximal sets with a set weight and set reps using 2 or more movements, is a great way to get in a good amout of volume and to jack up your power endurance and work capacity. My favorites usually involve some sort of upperbody push, upperbody pull, and a lowerbody movement such as a squat or deadlift variation or even a dumbbell or kettlebell snath or swing. The shrug/curl combo is one of my personal favorites for upperbody lactic acid tolerane and crazy grip strength/endurance - try with barbells, dumbbells, bands, towels, etc in various set/rep combinations at the end of a training session.

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