Monday, April 6, 2009

You Don't Have To Be "Advanced"

To Train HARD. Today, I had one of my one on one clients go through the following. She has been a client of mine for just a week, and had been inactive for YEARS before hiring me to train her. Sometimes I'm sure people read this blog and think that my methods are maybe too advanced for them, or they'll wait until they "get into shape" before hiring me. The bottom line is that the people who TAKE ACTION will be SHOCKED at their results and how quickly and easily they can use my "advanced methods".

Here was my clients EXACT session, today which took just under 30 minutes.

warm up x 3 sets
1. push ups (on knees) x 10
2. Recline Rows x 10
3. Squats x 15
4. Reverse Lunges x 8 each leg

a1) one arm dumbbell clean and press 3x8
a2) one arm dumbbell row 3x8

b1) barbell rollouts 2x10
b2) lying leg raises 2x10

Once I teach a client basic squatting form along with how to maintain a neutral spine while performing pulls and rows, movements like clean and presses become a piece of cake - anyone can do them! Too many people are missing out on GREAT total body movements like the dumbbell clean and press because they fear that they are not advanced enough or that they look stupid or that the trainer at the gym told them to just do "cardio" and arm work 3 days a week, etc, etc. If you're relatively new to all of this, find out what REAL fitness is all about and start incorporating some different movements into your own training and be amazed at the results and how FUN training can be.

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