Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dumbbell Leg Crank

Short and sweet today, but try this complex with a pair of dumbbells (or kettlebells if you got 'em) to blast your quads, hams and glutes to whole new level of pain and discomfort. You can do this bad boy with a lighter pair of dumbbells and keep the rep range a little higher or go a bit heavier and maybe try 6's or 8's.

Here it is
1. Reverse Lunges x 15 each side (dumbbells held by sides)
2. Squats x 20 (dumbbells held in racked position)
3. 2H Dumbbell Swings x 15
4. Romanian Deadlifts x 20

This can be done for maybe 1 set as a finisher to a training session or maybe 2-3 sets as part of a complete workout.

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