Wednesday, April 15, 2009

(Can't Live Without) The Underground Strength Manual !

If you haven't already seen it on the sidebar over there ---->, I have a link to my "underground strength blog", which is basically a compilation alot of the material that Zach Even-Esh has put out over the last few years. Now, I don't just go around endorsing just anyone's stuff, but Zach's manual is a MUST HAVE for the people that are into hardcore fitness and old school style strength training. In fact, I would go ahead and put Zach as the LEADING authority on this style of training, and his articles and videos from years back are what have inspired me to do what I am doing today.

His methods, program design, and crazy enthusiasm for training are contagious and will have you making gains like NEVER before. I know that his manual is selling fast, so make sure you get your kit TODAY! The people that get what they want in this world are ACTION TAKERS, so don't delay and be ready to take your strength and conditioning to a whole new level!

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