Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Barbell Complex!

Check out this sucker for some power endurance! This is a little shorter and uses lower reps than most other complexes you'll see, but 3-5 rounds will put you into the ground! I had two of my clients this morning do 5 rounds and then they finished up with 3 sets of the dreaded plate push - a great way to start the day!

Ok, so here's the complex - be warned, it is BRUTAL, especially on the pulling muscles and GRIP!

After a good warm up...

a1) thrusters x 5
a2) burpee + power clean combo x 5 (do these WITH the push up!)
a3) bent over row x 5
a4) romanian deadlifts x 5

A good starting point for most males would be around 95lb, but once you get into the 135, 155lb+ range, now we're talkin'!

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