Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Density Sandbag Shouldering + Bodyweight/Kettlebell/Sled Circuit

owner of the Underground Strength Gym, Zach Even-Esh shouldering a heavy sandbag

The weather has cooled off a little around here, but it still makes for perfect training conditions and today I hauled my equipment to a local soccer field and crushed it with another grueling workout!

After a warm up with some calistheincs, I decided to hit up some density style sandbag shouldering - seeing how many times I could shoulder my 130lb sandbag in 10 minutes. Sandbag shouldering is a phenomenal full body movement that works everything from your finger tips to your calves! This is just one way to use density training - using just a single movement - but definately one of my favorite ways to train and measure progress - elegance in simplicity! If I beat my record for the amount of reps performed in the 10 minutes the next I try it - I got stronger. Period.

After I finished up with the density shouldering, I did the following circuit for 3 rounds - and it was a MOTHER!
1. weighted push ups x 15
2. pull ups (on soccer goal) x 10
3. kettlebell snatches x 15 (left & right)
4. sled drag x ~100'

While this workout lasted a little longer than some of the workouts in Zach Even Esh's
Real Man Muscle Building Course, you can clearly see that it doesn't take very much time to get alot accomplished. Do yourself a favor and check out Zach's course to help get you ripped and rugged, even if you "don't have the time".

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