Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Single Best Tool For Speed, Agility & Conditioning?

If I had to pick just ONE tool or one "thing" in general to do for footspeed, agility, coordination, conditioning, quickness, and the "cool" factor (once you get good) it would have to be the JUMP ROPE. In my opinion, all of the form running drills, agility drills, & quickness drills don't hold a CANDLE to jumping rope - and if it were up to me, all young athletes would learn how to jump rope and jump rope well before ever screwing around with a bunch of fancy drills. If you're a combat athlete - whether it be a boxer, mma fighter, wrestler, etc or even someone just looking to shed some bodyfat for the summer - you can definately benefit from some serious rope work. Once you get the coordination down, using the rope for gpp and intense metabolic conditioning is hands down one of the best ways to get in "fighting shape". Mixed in with calisthenics such as squats, push ups, or more challenging variations such as jump squats, clapping push ups and burpees - you have a complete conditioning workout using little space and a piece of equipment that costs around $5.

Here's a video from Ross Enamait of, showing some various jump rope drills. And if there's any doubt of the jump ropes effectiveness - just take one look at Ross!

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