Monday, April 27, 2009

Sandbag Power Cleans + An Upperbody Assualt Using Just a Tire!

Another beautiful day here in New England - summer definately came early! Of course, I love to take advantage of these days by training outdoors with just some basic equipment and fresh air.

After a warm up w/calisthenics, I ripped into a sandbag power clean and pull up super set for a total of 4 sets. The sandbag powerclean is awesome for the entire body, but epsecially the posterior chain, grip and upperback. Unlike a powerclean with a barbell, you have to WRESTLE the weight up - there is no easy portion to the lift. Here's a video from Zach Even-Esh, creator of the
The Underground Strength Manual with one of his athletes tearing into a heavy set.

After the powercleans and pull ups, I moved on to one of my favorite combos for the upperbody - reverse rope climbs supersetted with simulated rope climbs aka hand over hand pull ups. 3 sets of this and my forearms, biceps, triceps, lats and even my chest were FRIED.

Next I hit up some bearhug squats and goodmornings for a few sets...if you haven't tried these, they are a total different feel from a normal barbell squat. Make sure you squat DEEP!

Finally, to cap off the session I finished with 3 rounds of Joe Hashley's Chop Circuit using a tire and a tree. Sounds primal (well, it is!), but this smashed my grip, upperback, core, and had my heart jumping out of my chest! To see the article that I got this from, check it out here
Farm Boy Strength and for more of Joe's innovative training techniques, be sure to get his Bull Strength Training Manual

Until next time!

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