Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Playground Workout!

With today being the first 60 degree day here in CT in over a week, i'm going to take full advantage and head out to the local playground. Just me, my kettlebell and some bands. These workouts are awesome, not just for peace of mind, but to drive your GPP and work capacity through the ROOF. With no distractions and just a few basic pieces of equipment (or none if you prefer), their is no time nor need to rest and alot can be accomplished in just 30-45 minutes (or less if you're really busy!).

Here's whats going to be on the agenda for today

warm up x 2 sets
1. push ups x 15
2. band rows x 25
3. squats x 20
4. reverse lunges x 20

Circuit A:
I'm going to run through this for a bunch of sets; in the 5-10 range and really try to rack up some volume.
a1) kb snatches x 10 (l/r)
a2) pull up variation x 5
a3) kb clean and presses x 10 (l/r)
a4) pull up variation x 5

Circuit B:
3 or 4 sets of this, done back to back without any rest should do the trick. The playground that I go to has these SUPER thick bars that are perfect for recline rows, so I need to take advantage!
b1) parallel bar dips or maybe iso dynamic push ups x max reps
b2) thick bar recline rows x max reps
b3) kb swings l/r/2h x 15/15/15

Circuit C:
2 sets-
the dreaded hanging ab series. not only does this crush the core, but also the grip and lats - and love anything that kills 2 birds (or more!) with one stone.
c1) windshield wipers x 6 (3 each side)
c2) leg raises x 6
c3) scissor kicks x 6 each side
c4) knee raises x 6

Circuit D:
2 sets -
a nice finisher with a pair of purple jump stretch bands
d1) high pulls x 20
d2) alternating rows x 20 (10 each)
d3) suplexes x 20
d4) snapdowns x 20

So its about T-3 hours and I can't friggin wait to get out there and just crush it!

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