Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Upperbody Extra Workout

While I typically do 3 or so full body training sessions per week, every once in awhile I'll have those days where I just NEED to train - but I don't want to kill it. Days like this are excellent to get in a lighter extra workout - maybe doing body calisthenics only, or some band work, or maybe do some complexes with a light kettlebell or barbell. The idea is to just break a sweat while slowly improving your work capacity. Be sure to leave something in the tank, and focus on perfect reps.

Today I did 100 push ups and 50 pull ups, broken up into 10 supersets, doing a different variation every set.

It looked like this:

Set 1:
total body explosive push ups (entire body comes off the ground) x 10
sternum chins x 5

set 2:
clapping push ups x 10
L-Pull ups x 5

set 3:
Iso Dynamic Push Ups (15 sec hold + 10 explosive reps) x 10
Judo Pull Ups x 5

set 4:
Divebomber push ups x 10
mixed grip pull ups (1) x 5

set 5:
contralateral push ups x 10
mixed grip pull ups (2) x 5

set 6:
side to side push ups x 10
towel chins x 5

set 7:
spiderman push ups x 10
wide grip pull ups x 5

set 8:
Incline Push Ups x 10
close grip chins x 5

set 9:
close grip push ups x 10
regular chin ups x 5

set 10:
regular push ups x 10
regular pull ups x 5

I finished with some various leg and knee raises from paralle bars and hanging from a pull up bar.

I didn't rush anything and pretty much coaxed through this and was still done in about 15 minutes - so no excuses for not having time to train! Until next time...

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