Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kettlebell Quickie!

Summer is fast approaching, and i always like to sneak in a couple extra short sessions around this time of year to help lean out a little. One of the best and most productive ways to do this is to do timed sets and/or complexes with a light to medium heavy kettlebell - great way to get the heart rate through the roof and to hit every muscle in the body, especially the posterior chain. Check out what I did yesterday, with only a few minutes of time to spare...

Warm Up (5 minutes w/out putting the kettlebell down)
kb sling shots x 2 min (to the left x 1 min/to the right x 1 min)
kb figure 8's x 2 min
kb waiters bow x 1 min

Combat Complex x 2 sets (60 seconds rest)
1. snatches x 5 (l/r)
2. clean and press x 5
3. squats x 10
4. reverse lunges x 10
5. high pulls x 5
6. bent over rows x 5
7. 2H swings x 10

total time of workout: about 12 minutes

Here's a video of Elliott Hulse's athletes going through the above complex. For more cutting edge info for speed and strength training, be sure to get Eliott's
Gridiron Strongman Program!

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