Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF Training Mania!

Who doesn't love fridays? And if you're anything like me, what don't you love more than having a KILLER training session on a sunny friday afternoon? After a few days of rain and straight up crappy weather, today ended up being a beautiful day here in CT and I wanted to take full advantage. So off I went to a nearby soccer field - lugging my sandbag, dragging sled, tow straps, chains and all!

For a warm up, I did 2 sets of the following:
1. push ups x 15
2. recline rows x 15
3. walking lunges x 30 steps
4. lateral walking lunges x 10 steps left/right

then it was ON...

first off, some more density style work - this time using a sandbag movement and one of my all time favorite calithenic movements for max rounds in 15 minutes

a1) sandbag clean and press x 3 (w/130lb sandbag)
a2) pull ups x 5

Next, I was inspired by today's blog post from Zach Even-Esh over @ Zach's Blog so I did 10 continuous (or best I could) of sled dragging - alternating between forward dragging, backward dragging, and pull throughs. 10 minutes never seemed so long! For leg strength, conditioning and mental toughness not much else can beat sled dragging (or prowler pushing). For the people to lazy to actually go to Zach's site and check out the video, you can view it right here

To cap off the workout I did some upperbody work...
c1) weighted divebomber push ups 2x10
c2) sandbag bent over rows 2x10

And that was a wrap! I hope you all crushed it today with your own training and have a great weekend!

P.S. Be sure to get Zach's
Underground Strength Manual for his Underground Strength and Conditioning secrets to take your game to whole new level!

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