Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sandbag - Bodyweight Power Combo + Sled Rowing!

We all have those days where we're not particularly motivated to train, and while we need to know when to just take time off, there's also a time where you need to push through and maybe just cut the volume and/or intensity a little bit. With the beautiful weather yesterday, I just couldn't help but take a trip to the local soccer field and get in a session.

As always, I like to get in a good warm up
1. spider man walks x 20 steps
2. walking lunges x 20 steps
3. push ups x 20
4. walking lateral lunges x 10 each side
5. lateral bear crawls x 10 steps each side
6. squats x 20
7. band rows x 20

On to the main workout; simple and brief

a1) sandbag power cleans 5x5
a2) clapping push ups (double when I could) 5x10
*** completed all 5 sets in under 9 minutes
b) sled rowing x 100 yards
*** nice finisher, and a great way to pump up your upperback and get your pulling volume through the roof (especially if you have shoulder issues).

Give this a try if you're short on time and need a quick full body session to get your day moving.

P.S. If you're looking for a kick ass sandbag, pick up one of Josh Henkin's Ultimate Sandbags Here!

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