Tuesday, May 19, 2009

12 Minute / 1 Movement Workout!

A Short but pretty grueling workout yesterday, I did what I could despite an aggrivated left knee.

warm up
1. push ups 3x15
2. pull ups 3x8
3. squats 2x20
4. reverse lunges 2x20

a) sandbag power cleans (w/130lb bag) x 50 reps for time. This took just over 12 minutes, but I was toast afterwards! One of my all time favorite workouts is picking just one big movement and working against the clock. Other great choices would be sandbag shouldering, dumbbell snatches, sandbag clean and presses, front squats, etc. It forces you to work HARD while using your entire body - no wasted movement or effort.

You might have noticed that i've been training almost exclusively with Sandbags, Kettlebells, and bodyweight calisthenics. For those wondering, NO, I have not "given up" training with barbells and dumbbells - these tools still reign KING when it comes to strength development. However, I'm loving the change of pace and challenging myself in new ways. Not to mention that its summer, and there is nothing better than training outdoors! Come fall/winter, I'll be sure to be attacking the iron again, but for the time being I am having just too much fun!

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