Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Training On The Cheap

Here are two pretty awesome videos showing how you don't need fancy equipment nor do you need to shell out alot of dough to get some great training in.

The first video is from Joe Hashley of Synergy-Athletics and creator of The Bull Strength Training Manual. He's showing an awesome core circuit using just an old car tire. I mentioned this a few weeks back, but here's Joe putting it into action.

And second, here's Matt Wichilinski of The Strength Shop showing how to save a boatload of cashola and make your very own bulgarian training bag. These bags are awesome for devloping core and rotational strength, grip strength, and not to mention ridiculous work capacity. The only problem is that they're super expensive! But in this vid, Matt breaks it down step by step on how to make one yourself. Also, be sure to check out Matt's website here The Strength Shop

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