Friday, May 22, 2009

Top 5 Keg Movements For Crushing Strength!

Here's an article I just wrote for about building "Crushing" Strength for combat sports. Isometric strength is rarely trained, mainly because its just not that "sexy", but here are a few ways to kill two birds with one stone.

The single most missing component from most grapplers training programs are movements that help build isometric strength and endurance. Some might call this crushing strength, or bear hug strength, but whatever you want to call it, there is such a thing and if you've ever wrestled somebody with this then you know that its very real. Most training programs focus on just concentric and eccentric movements - the raising and lowering of weights. But in combat sports, not only do we need to be able to deliever force and absorb force, but we also need crazy amounts of isometric strength to wear opponents down in the clinch, or crush them on the ground. Typical movements in the weight room alone will not do the trick, and this is where various odd objects can come into place.

One of my favorite odd objects to use is a water filled keg. The water sloshing around inside makes every movement extremely unstable, forcing you to literally wrestle the keg into position. A simple clean and press that might be easy with a barbell is now a complete CHORE with a keg. And because of the circumerence of the keg, they are perfect tools for building that "crushing" strength through a variety of movements.These can be done as standalone workouts, incorporated with over keg movements and calisthenics or as a finisher to your normal strength sessions. Either way, this is extremely tough training that will tax your body from head to toe, and build strength in a way unlike you ever have before.

My my top 5 movements for crushing strength all involve using a simple bear hug grip and should be done with a moderately heavy keg. A 100lb waterfilled keg is a nice ballpark figure to go by.

1. Bear Hug Shouldering. This is the toughest of the bunch and may require some practice, but with a bear hug grip you are going to explode and throw the keg to one shoulder, maintaining your grip. Lower under control and repeat to the opposite side.

2. Bear Hug Rotations aka "Moving Men". I got this one from Joe Hashley, Creator of The Bull Strength Manual and its awesome! Using the same bear grip and fairly wide stance, rotate to one side while pivoting your feet and dropping to about a half lunge position and repeat to the other side.

3. Bear Hug Cleans. Explode with the keg from a low position (just above the ground) to a fully hip extended position and lower back under control

4. Bear Hug Squats. Simple - just keep a flat back and squat DEEP. Medium to high reps work great here.

5. Bear Hug Carries. Bear hug that sucker and carry it for either time or distance. Make a set distance of maybe 100-200 total yards or carry for max distance in 5-10 minutes.

So there you have it, 5 awesome movements using just a keg to building crushing strength to dominate your opponents!

For a ton more info like this, Joe has an awesome training manual out thats loaded with all sorts of crazy training methods. Check it out here Bull Strength Training Manual

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