Thursday, May 21, 2009

Upperbody "Chunking" (For Busy Guys!)

Waaay too many people think that you need to spend 2 hours a day in the gym to get results. Waaay too many people think that you need a full dynamic warm up before you even just wipe your ass. Waaay too many people obscess over ever little detail of their precious "routines" without leaving an inch left for any FUN.

The fact is that you can get in great workouts in sometimes just 10 or 15 minutes, and if you're a Busy Guy knowing this is super important and vital for you to continue to make progress. One thing that guys like Zach Even-Esh have talked about is something called "chunking", which is basically a time management principle used for business but also works AWESOME when it comes to training. By spreading out some short, mini workouts through out the week or even the day, you can get in alot of training in without having to worry about dedicating a full hour or more to the gym.

Recently i've been KILLING it with the sandbag training on alternate days, but these sessions are super short - around 15 minutes or so. I hit up some full body movements like power cleans, clean and presses, shouldering, or whatever else and call it a day. These, I guess you can say, are my "main" training sessions for the week. However, on alternating days i've been tearing it up with some bodyweight training. I just jump right in and start alternating sets of various kinds of pull ups, push ups, recline rows, handstand push ups, blast strap tricep and bicep work - just working non stop, not worry about sets and reps, just as long as I keep moving. These workouts take 5,10 or 15 minutes and I just feel so GOOD afterwards and am able to attack the rest of my day - which is usually training people, writing articles, reading, training martial arts, and hanging out with my girlfriend.

Zach goes into this in great detail in his Real Man Muscle Building Course and gives you tons of different routines that will put on muscle and strip off bodyfat FASTER than those lame 2 hour marathon sessions. But, these workouts are NOT a quick fix, and require a ton of intensity and a "gun to the head" mentality.

So, go ahead, piss off all of those people you know who slave away in the gym. Take action NOW, and tell Zach I sent ya!

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