Friday, July 17, 2009

5 Quick Finishers For The Weekend

Hey everybody, just a quick one for today, but I wanted to give you guys a few quick n' dirty finishers that you can throw in at the end of your workouts this weekend. Finishers are an awesome way to improve work capacity, energy system development, and mental toughness. Not everyone believes in them, but I do!

Here are a few that will really get things cookin' after a tough workout...

1. Carries of any kind...keg, sandbag, farmer, sloshpipe...pick something up and carry it for time or max distance...better yet, do it with a bunch of different implements!

2. Kettlebell Quickies...I like doing snatches for 20, 15, 10, and 5 reps each arm w/out putting the kettlebell down. The "combat complex", which I stole from Zach Even-Esh is also a favorite. 1-3 sets will be plenty!

Here it is:
1. snatch x 5
2. clean and press x 5
3. squats x 10
4. reverse lunges x 5 each leg
5. high pulls x 5
6. bent over rows x 5
7. 2H swings x 10

3. HEAVY sled dragging...while I love to use the sled as an extra workout and usually just drag for a set time, putting on a bunch of weight and dragging for shorter distances of 100-200' is a great way to finish a workout.

4. Band Pulling...great for grapplers, working various pulls for a set time will torch your grip, lats, and upperback. Everyone needs to be doing more back work, so this is a perfect addition to your workout! Check out Jim Smith's aka Smitty's article HERE

5. Timed Keg Shouldering or Timed Picking Up Anything Heavy....sandbag power cleans, sandbag loading,sandbag shouldering, and tire flipping all work good here. Check out this vid from Synergy Athletics...

So give 1 or two of these a try and let me know how it went! I hope everyone trains hard over the weekend (or rests hard haha) and enjoys some of this summer won't last forever!

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