Monday, July 6, 2009

Attack Your Weaknesses!

Today's post is about something that i've been thinking a lot about lately, and it relates to attaining anything worth having in life.

You see, most of the people around you probably live their life in constant multi tasking mode - they have a million different things to get done and they try to get it all done all of the time. In training, in business, in relationships - multi tasking sucks.

We're all guilty of this at some point, and that's what usually keeps us from ever being GREAT at something - not our genetics, not drugs, not our childhood, not any other excuse that we can come up with - just the fact that we never have clear, consise goals and never take deliberate action to achieve them.

Unfortunately we live in a world of instant gratification - we want things yesterday - and this mentality keeps us in a constant state of mediocrity because we're never giving ourselves enough time to ever truly master anything.

The truth is that if we actually had the discipline to take immediate action on our weaknesses and to attack our problems at the core, instead of finding a million different excuses to move on to the next thing - we would make progress that much faster.

In life, the best thing to do is to block off your time. Quit procrastinating and get things done according to the schedule you set for yourself. This is a little secret that all successful entrepreneurs use to maximize their time and minimize the bull shit. Get the big things done first and forget the minutia. Even if you don't own your own business, this works for planning your meals, your workouts, time with your family, etc around your busy schedule so that you can fit everything more excuses!

In training, you need to make an honest self evaluation and attack what is weak. If you are 20% bodyfat, then you need to spend the next 3 or 4 months hunkering down and losing the fat. Set up your training and performance goals accordingly and don't try and do what most people do - ie "I want to be 5% bodyfat, increase my squat by 200lb, have a 40" vertical, climb mount everest,...". Focus on that ONE thing, check it off, then move on to the next. Same thing if you need to get stronger - don't go try creating your own bastardized program while following the velocity diet and running HIIT sprints 5 days a week. That hasn't worked and it won't work. Instead, follow in the " footsteps of greatness" and try a simple program that works such as Westside for Skinny Bastards, Jim Wenlders 5-3-1, Glenn Pendlay's 5x5, etc and spend a long time devoted to adding weight to the bar.

Take the time to sit down and think about your goals and take immediate action to get the most important things out of the way first. Check it off, then move on. Live in the now, but stay laser focused on the big picture.

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