Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If I Could Start All Over Again - Building The Base For Strength!

Although this post can be for "newbies", this is more for the guys who have been doing this for a long time and need to revamp their program. One thing that I frequently think about, is "what if I could start all over again?" - what if, knowing what I know now, I could go back in time and start training myself all over again?

One thing for sure is that I would first build an excellent base using bodyweight only exercise, and I would MASTER those movements. I would learn how to do push ups CORRECTLY, bodyweight squats CORRECTLY, lunges in all directions, recline rows using some thick rope or tow straps, tons of bear crawl variations in all directions and hand walking drills like partner wheelbarell walks.

As I got stronger I would do harder variations of push ups, like divebomber push ups and incline push ups. I would do tons of parallel bar dips, pull ups and chin ups with different grips, and a ton of posterior chain work in the form of glute ham raises and single leg hip pops. I would practice handstand push up holds until I could knock out some reps, single leg squats aka pistols, one arm push ups and single arm recline rows. I would get in insane shape using a simple jump rope and by doing tons of burpees.

Wait a second, I already do all of this stuff - even at my "advanced" training age. The point I'm making is that even when you have youre base already built, its important to go under regularly scheduled maintenence. If you're an athlete looking to get stronger and more "functional", bodyweight training will help you get there. How many weak guys do know that knock off 20 strict pull ups or sets of hanstand push ups? The problem with bodyweight stuff is that its HARD and can be very humbling especially if you're a "weights only" guy. No one likes going from being strong in the weightroom, to just average or worse when it comes to basic bodyweight movements.

I'm not saying that bodyweight training is the ONLY way to build your base up, but it should be the FIRST step towards developing strength, conditioning and overall athleticism. Bodyweight training will ALWAYS let you know how you're progressing (or regressing) and will keep you in fight shape for the long haul if you make it a regular part of your program.

If you're a wrestler or combat athlete reading this, then this should all be a "no duh" for you - nothing is more functional than moving your own bodyweight around in different planes of motion. But if you're a gym rat or athlete from another sport, then bodyweight training still has its place to help shed bodyfat and pack on some slabs of muscle!


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