Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Insane Transformation!

Check out this vid of one Zach Even Esh's athletes going through a classic Underground Strength Session.

This beast went from 160 to 220lb in just 2 years and still has plenty of room left to grow! While this seemingly overnight transformation might sound crazy, down in Edison New Jersy this kind of stuff is common place.

What's really crazy is that this is just one example of the many BEASTS that Zach is creating down in the Dirty Jersey, and they ALL follow his program from the Underground Strength Manual!

From wrestlers, to mma fighters, to football players, to baseball players, to brazilian jiu jitsu competitors to law enforcement, the Underground Strength Manual has been in an integral part of their training.

While the training is very hard and for the serious ONLY, I suggest you make your path a little easier and get on board...CLICK HERE FOR ULTIMATE NO B.S. STRENGTH TRAINING MANUAL!

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