Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Way...

I love fast paced, high intensity workouts that deliver a knockout punch - the kind that builds strength, power endurance, and ridiculous work capacity.

I know, I know, its not exactly "by the books", but really not much in life is. Think about the most successful people that you know of, and they probably - in some way or another - do things THEIR WAY.

Sure, they might have mentors and the most successful people are always learning from others, but its their own path that gets them to where they are.

If you're trying to take your game to the next level then you absolutely HAVE to think outside the box and as Bruce Lee would say, "absorb what is useful".

Building raw, aggressive strength and conditioning is not rocket science, but with the right mindset and willingness to go against conventional wisdom - you can CRUSH your competition to dust.

The tools are basic...barbells, sandbags, kegs, kettlebells or dumbbells, a pull up bar, a makeshift dragging sled, and maybe some bands and you have yourself an entire arsenal for forging yourself into a monster.

The best guys in the strength and conditioning biz are the guys who threw away the key and never looked need to start doing the same and finding your own way!