Sunday, July 26, 2009

Same But Different - Sandbag Density Circuit!

The russians have a pretty neat philosophy when it comes to periodizing their training...using a conjugated and "same but different" approach, you can change around many variables within your program so that you can continue to avoid adaptation and continue to progress.

So why is this of interest of you? Well, if you're like me and only have one single sandbag or one single kettlebell, then you have to learn to manipulate volume, intensity and exercise variation to prevent not only boredom, but also bring your work capacity, power endurance and overall strength to new heights.

For fighters that don't have a ton of extra time or energy to devote to strength training, this is humungously important! That, and I like simplicity. One sandbag, one kettlebell, one man (heh)...

But anyway, since I've decided to devote my summer to getting as creative as I can with just a few tools, I'm staying the path and always searching for that "same but different".

Here's a pretty challenging sandbag circuit I put myself through the other day - taxing exactly the energy system used in combat sports.

After a warm up using bands and calisthenics, I put a 15 minute time cap and tried to complete as many rounds as possible of the following. Just 3 movements - total body movement, an upperbody pushing movement and an upperbody pulling movement.

1. sandbag shouldering x 8 (4 each side)
2. sandbag floor press x 8
3. sandbag bent over row x 8

This form of training is called "density training" made popular by Charles Staley and Ethan Reeve and is amazing at getting you to "step your game up" just so that you don't get outdone by yourself!

I love using density training as a simple means of tracking my progress in a super efficient, time effective manner. You either get more reps or you don't.

This is so simple, yet can be deceptively HARD trying to beat your own records every time out!


Unknown said...

Nice work Dustin, I really like your ideas!

Keep it up,
Josh Henkin

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