Tuesday, March 17, 2009


While I don't always think that EVERY single workout should be a total thrasher, and that more often than not its okay to leave a training session feeling "good", there are some definate benefits to adding finishers to your training sessions. Whether it be to work on muscular imbalances or weakness or general conditioning/mental toughness, I love finishers in the form of bands, kettlebells, complexes, short circuits, etc - but one of my ALL TIME favorites - especially for the lower body is the infamous WALL SIT. The wall sit is so simple that it often gets overlooked, but if you're looking to drive your lactic acid tolerance through the roof, then look no further!

With your your back against a wall and feet about 1' out, squat down to parallel and push HARD against the wall - getting a maximal muscular contraction. Too many people do these and just allow themselves to sit there and claim they can hold a wall sit for ridiculous amounts of time, but if you're not pushing back against the wall, then you're missing out on a very beneficial movement and cheating yourself! Keep your toes pointed straight ahead and resist the urge to round your shoulders and rest your hands on your legs. These can be done for one set of max time or for intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute, resting 10-30 seconds between sets.

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