Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Total Body Smasher!

Dudes (and dudettes), there's nothing quite like a total body workout that leaves you drenched in sweat and swearing to the strength and conditioning gods :)! I love training hard, especially on a day like today where its 70 someodd degrees and not a cloud in the sky - you gotta appreciate the good things in life!

I went at it again today, this time using sandbags, bodyweight and finishing with some sled dragging - I love this Sh#t!

the warm up, per usual, for 2 sets
1. push ups x 15
2. recline rows x 15
3. squats x 20
4. reverse lunges x 20 (10 ea)

a1) sandbag shouldering 4x6 (3 each side)
a2) mixed grip pull ups 4xreps
***shouldering a sandbag is an intense total body movement - primary a lowerbody movement, but your uppperbody is working very hard isometrically to hold on to the sandbag. Follow those suckers up with pull ups and you have a great 1-2 punch!
b1) sandbag bent over rows 3x8
b2) blast strap push ups 3xreps
***with minimal rest between each superset, this combo is ridiculous for upperbody power and strength endurace.
c) sled dragging (HEAVY!) 3X100' (2 trips forward, 1 backward)
***I love spring and summer for this alone - not too much else will demolish the lowerbody in as athletic of fashion as sled dragging. Great for strength, lactic acid tolerance training, or recovery, sled dragging should be in EVERY athletes arsenal.

And now i'm about to enjoy the rest of this day, maybe hit up a light recovery session tomorrow and then kill it again on Sunday or Monday.

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