Friday, April 24, 2009

George Tech Strength & Conditioning Summer 2007

Joe Hashley of posted this on his blog and made a few comments of some of the stuff he liked in the video, but to add to what he said, here's some of the things that I liked -

1. Good form/technique on all of the lifts shown! Whenever you see highlight vids of college athletes cleaning,squatting, or benching, their form is usuallyatrocious. Not only are these kids in the video crazy strong, but they are doing everything with pretty much textbook technique. Those 300+ lb power cleans and 400+ lb benches are LEGIT.

2. Its hard to gauge what exactly goes on in a college football strength program from just a short highlight clip, but you can tell that these guys have excellent bases and focus on the basics - cleans, squats, benches, hill sprints, etc. There's no fluff, no "functional exercise", just hard friggin work.

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