Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun Odd Object Workout!

Here's a fun workout to try, using a heavy sandbag, keg, and sled...quite the mixed bag!

I am having so much fun with my workouts lately, but not only are they "fun" (my word for f'n crazy!), but my strength and muscular endurance have gone through! I feel stronger than ever and I'm breaking density records left and right with my trusty sandbag.

Just because you are limited on time, equipment, space, or anything else, that does not leave you with ANY excuses. There are no rules or limits...just the balls and desire to succeed and make it happen!

Here's the workout:

warm up w/light sled dragging...presses, rows, forward dragging, and backward dragging 2x150' was hot and humid out yesterday and this brief warm up served me plenty!

on to the good stuff...

a1) sandbag floor press x 5 sets
a2) sandbag bent over rows x 5 sets

...the floor presses supersetted with rows are an awesome upper body combo...try and limit your rest periods to next to nothing for more power endurance - simulating a grappling match!

b1) HEAVY sled dragging 4x200'
b2) keg carries (zercher/bearhug) 4x200'

...the sled dragging should be done as heavy as possible for those sets of 200 feet...walk forward and backwards. The keg carries are just torture after a heavy set of dragging. Grapplers or fighters need to learn how to hold static positions even when under huge amounts of fatigue and heavy carries will do the trick!

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