Friday, July 24, 2009

Get After It!

"get up, sucker!"

In sports, lifting, business, and life the mind is a very powerful weapon and it can either work for you or against you - all depending on your thoughts and actions each and every day. There are two sides of the can either have a mindset for prosperity, wealth, and limitless opportunity, or you can be on the other side...always complaining, blaming others, wondering "why me" and never getting anywhere.

What most people fail to understand is that you CAN change the way your mind works and you CAN acheive the success that most people think of as impossible or "not for me"...but it all starts with your HABITS and your priorities.

Here's just 2 things to daily that will literally transform your life and start leading you down the path to success...all you have to do is start. NOW.

1. Study mindset and attitude every. single. day. Read books by Napolean Hill, Dale Carnegie, Dan Kennedy, Donald Trump, Jeffrey Gitomer, motivational videos online (there are tons on youtube) and constantly be in a state of positive energy. I'm not saying that you need to be happy go lucky every second of everyday, but you need to FLOOD yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations CONSTANTLY for your own attitude to change. Start thinking like the people who's books you read and soon you will start BEING like the people who's books you read. One of my favorite videos to help me "flip the switch" is this one with Will Smith...

..."JUST DECIDE" is perfect. Just decide to do something, and then START doing it. It might not be perfect, but you're doing it and there's no turning back.

2. Write down your goals. Not just one time and then leave the piece of paper sitting in a drawer, but EVERY DAY and leave the pieces of paper visible so that you can't stand the thought of seeing them again without having acheived those goals.

That's part 1.

Part 2, you need to write down the precise steps that you need to take to acheive those goals. If you want to "lean up", then write down EXACTLY what bodyfat percentage you want to be at, what weight, etc and then write down everything you need to do lose that body fat...your grocery lists, your dialy meal plans, your daily and weekly goals, the whole nine yards. If you want to put 50lb on your squat, then you need to write down how you are going train to acheive that goal, how you are going to deload, how you are going to EAT to support that goal and so on.

If you read something or think of something new that will help you, then WRITE IT DOWN. I carry a little notebook with me pretty much at all times and am constantly jotting things down..this keeps me "mentally organized" and allows me to retain a lot of those thought impulses that often times people just forget about.

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